• WARAGAMI is specialized in Paper Art (Origami and Quilling), we offer all the necessary and environmentally friendly tools, materials and guides for the creation of different shapes and objects using Origami and Quilling.

    We offer several kits and box sets for all ages and levels.


    At WARAGAMI we are passionate about paper art and aim to spread this art and its culture in the Middle East.


    There are several benefits associated with these arts; Development of intellectual,

    creative abilities and activation of left and right brain.


    Through our products, we aspire to enhance our customers’ creativity, focus, motor skills, patience and problem solving skills in a

    fun way.


  • Creative People

    People who are decided to activate the both side of the brain to have the creativity and intelligence at the same time

    Dania Elqasem | دانية القاسم

    تابعوا اعمال دانية بالفنون الورقية من خلال الرابط التالي: مدونة دانية

    Ibrahim Abu-Tine|ابراهيم ابوتينة

    تابعوا اعمال ابراهيم بالفنون الورقية من خلال الرابط التالي: مدونة ابراهيم

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